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BASS DRAUGHT (All Grain Kit)
BASS DRAUGHT The most famous draught bitter in England, brewed at Burton-on-Trent.  A really s..
Better Brew Yorkshire Bitter 1.8kg
Better brew Yorkshire Bitter 1.8kg Golden chestnut colour, a hint of sweetness and with a slight nu..
BLACK SHEEP BITTER Black Sheep Best Bitter is now one of the best-selling session beers in the coun..
Brew Ferm Abdij (Abbey)
    Brewferm Abdij (Abbey beer Strong dark brown with good body and a full malt tast..
Brew Ferm Diablo
  BrewFerm Diablo Beer 9 ltr Beer Kit     69 P a pint to make £3.9..
Brew Ferm Ould Vlaams Bruin
Belgian beers are renowned worldwide for their high quality, the extensive range and the delicious f..
Brew Ferm Pils
Brew Ferm Pils A light, blond, thirst-quenching beer for every day. With 2 recipes: for 12 litres..
Brew Ferm Triple
Brew Ferm Triple. A heavenly abbey beer: gold coloured, soft but strong with a full malty flavour..
Brewferm Christmas
Brewferm Christmas   Dark strong heavy-bodied Belgian beer, sweeter than Abbey style be..
Brewferm Diablo
 Brewferm Diablo Fiery gold in colour with a soft flavour and a high alcohol content: a devili..
Brewferm Framboos
Brewferm Framboos Refreshing beer with a delicate but delicious aoroma, ideal for hot summers or ..
Brewferm Gallia
Brewferm Gallia Amber coloured beer with a noble bitterness and a soft, refreshing flavour. ..
Brewferm Kriek (Cherry Beer)
  Brewferm Kriek (cherry beer) Kriek is the best known of the famous Belg..
Brewmaker  Victorian Bitter
Brewmaker Victorian bitter Brewmaker Victorian bitter. This is a 1.8kg kit.  An excepti..
Brewmaker Premium Extra Strong Bitter
Brewmaker Extra Strong Bitter 1.8Kg beer kit  A full on bitter with the strength of taste to m..