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 Citric Acid 100g
 Citric Acid 100g  Used as a substitute for natural citrus and aids to promote a h..
Alpha Amylase Enzyme 4g
Alpha Amylase Enzyme 4g High temperature tolerantAmylase for the conversion of starch into sugars..
Beer heading liquid
Youngs Beer Heading Liquid Beer heading liquid 50ml sufficient for 125 litres  Helps to p..
Bentonite  100grm
Bentonite  100grm Aids the clearing of cloudy wine ..
Calcium Sulphate Gypsum 100g
Calcium Sulphate Gypsum 100g A brewing additive to compensate water deficiencies for beers (1oz p..
Campden Tablets  50's
Campden Tablets  50's use in wine making to preserve and sterilise ..
Campden Tablets 100's
Campden Tablets 100's For use in winemaking  Add at the end of fermentation to prevent ox..
Citric Acid 500gm
Citric Acid 500gm Used as a substitute for natural citrus and aids to promote a healthy ferment a..
Cream of Tartar 50g
Cream of Tartar 50g Usage: 14g per gallon Directions: Dissolve in a cup of hot water and add t..
Fermentation Stopper (Wine Stabiliser) 30g
Fermentation Stopper (Wine Stabiliser) 30g For stabilising and prevention of fermentation after b..
Irish Moss
For Further Information Telephone Burnley Home Brew on 01282 786462 ..
Malic Acid 50g
Malic Acid 50g Useage: 10 grams per 4.5 litres. Directions: Dissolve in a small amount of warm..
Pectolase 32grm
Pectolase, 32grm Used in making country or hedgerow wines for removing pectin haze. ..
Pectolase 400g
Pectolase 400g To ensure maximum yield of juice and flavour from fruits etc. and prevents possibl..
Precipitated Chalk 50g
Precipitated Chalk 50g To reduce acidity in wines the addition of 7g per gallon will lower the ac..