Saflager S23

Saflager S23
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Saflager S23 11.5g

For best results, use 15 grams to 22 grams of yeast in a 23 litre batch of beer for fermentation temperatures between 10C and 12C. Use as much as 56 grams of yeast in a 23 litre batch of beer for temperatures below 50F.

The S-23 strain of lager yeast is one of the few high-quality dried lager yeasts in the world. It originated in Germany and is used by numerous European breweries. This lager yeast produces exquisitely smooth beers with a clean flavor profile. This versatile yeast not only creates world-class styles such as German Lagers, Bocks and Pilsners but it can also be used at warmer temperatures for producing very smooth ales.

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