Mad Millie Hard Cheese Kit

Mad Millie Hard Cheese Kit
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Mad Millie Hard Cheese Kit

Handmade hard cheeses, bound to impress even the toughest of cheese critics. 
The hard cheese kit has all the specialised ingredients and equipment to create an array of authentic hard cheeses simply and easily at home. This kit is designed to be used in any kitchen - no cheese making experience needed! 

Kit contains:
Mesophilic Starter Culture                                  Artisan's Cheese Salt
Hard Cheese Press with Pressure Gague            Calcium Chloride
Cheese Wax with Stainless Steel Melting Bowl   Cheese Cloth
Cheese Mat                                                     Culture  Measuring Spoons 
Pipette                                                             Annatto Colourant
Thermometer                                                    Steriliser
Vegetarian Rennet Tablets                                 Instructions and Recipes 

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