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Jennings Cocker Hoop (All Grain Kit)




An award-winning golden bitter Launched in 1995 as September Ale. Jennings Cocker Hoop has become hugely popular, particularly with Lake District tourists in Summer.

The name is derived from Cock-a Hoop, an old custom of removing the Cock (or Spigot) from a barrel and resting it on the hoop of the cask before commencing a drinking bout, but was changed to reflect the Brewery’s Location on the banks of the River Cocker.

The Burnley Home Brew range of Mash Kits has been designed to appeal to both the beginner and the experienced brewer.

Each kit contains authentic ingredients of the highest quality.


Original Gravity: OG: 1.046

Final Gravity: FG: 1.011

Alcohol content (ABV): 4.6%

Bitterness units (EBU): 35

Colour (EBC) 20


 Maris Otter Malt 4230g

Torrefied Wheat 470g

Black Malt 30g

Safale s-04 Yeast

Challenger Hops 42g

Bobek Hops 9g

Bobek Hops 5g (Add last 10 minutes of Boil)

1 Protofloc tablet

Please note all grains come crushed

We have many more grain kits in store. Also 500g packets of crushed grains such as Crystal malt, Black malt, etc etc.

Please phone to check stock before your visit.