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BurnleyHomeBrew started life on Burnley Market with Charles Payne turning his passion for brewing beer into the business he had yearned for. Glenn Walker joined the team and as the business built Charles and Glenn became business partners and left the market for a high-street shop.

Sadly Charles passed away after a short illness in 2013 and is still missed by all.

As a sole proprietor, Glenn has added Matt to the team who brings a wealth of experience

Glenn and Matt are on hand to advise and also listen to customers' ideas that are brought to the shop

Having over 30 years of experience in brewing from grains as well as extracts,  Glenn and Matt are keen to pass on their expertise to others. “We are also  always learning and are constantly  amazed at the wealth of information  customers have..” Sharing recipes and talking through ideas on brewing is all part of the homebrew experience.

 Anyone starting out home brewing will be given a detailed explanation of the process. Glenn and Matt are available during shop opening hours to give information and advice over the telephone or via email

 Home brewing has changed a lot in the last twenty years. 30 bottles of wine can now be made in just 7 days! Pinot Grigio, Merlot,  Merlot Blush, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon etc are all available at the shop and the finished product can cost as little as £1 per bottle!

Don’t let the price make you feel it’s a compromise!! We have samples which can match £15.00 per bottle in the High Street. We also have beers, lagers, and ciders from around the world. Belgium lagers, and Australian beers are all on our shelves.  If you haven`t made your own beers and wines, you are in for a surprise!  "They are not the same as the bland high street brands" 

It's a great hobby and a win-win situation in today's financial climate.  "If anyone needs help, we are happy to assist and encourage people to ring for advice rather than make a mistake."

Cheers Glenn and Matt