S30 Keg

S30 Keg
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S30 Keg

The S30 beer pump is part of the high quality stainless steel s30 beer dispensing system. The other part in the S30 keg (bought separately). The system is intended for use with S30 cylinders but you can also use 8g CO2 bulbs if you purchase separetely a s30 pin and blub holder.

The parts include with the S30 beer pump. Note that some are spares only. 

Mount the tower to the base with seal in between. Tighten bolts.

Fit the hose to the black keg connector, tigheten clip.

The S30 keg comes with a connector for use with the S30 Hand Pump.

And the sytem is ready to use!

Inject short bursts of CO2 by screwing on and unscrewing a S30 cylinder. Keep burst down to 1-2 secondfs or the cylinder valve could freeze in the open position and cause a loss of CO2.

The S30 keg inlet valve can also take a standadrd S30 pin (can be purchased separetely) and you can then use the system with 8g CO2 bulbs. Inject using the s30 standard bulb holder (also purchased separetely). 

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