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Hambleton Bard Master Pint Beer Kit - Lager


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Hambleton Bard Master Pint Beer Kit Lager

Master Pint Beer kits are packed in a plastic standing pouch. This is to enable us to use a minimum of packaging material, both for our environment and for a Better Price. This is perfect for mail order as you cannot dent a pouch. Although it is a budget kit, we have not saved in on Cheaper Yeast. This kit contains Brewery Yeast, a little slower than cheap beer kit Yeast, but it creates a much better result.

Full instruction on back of pouch.

1kg of Sugar, Beer Enhancer or Liquid Malt required (Available on the Website)

Lager 23L

A very well balanced, medium Hopped Classic Lager. Bitterness 20-25 EBU, colour 6-10 EBC, alcohol 5% ABV.