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On The House - Merlot 30 Bottle Wine Kit


  • All ingredients and full instructions included. No additional sugar required.
  • Makes 30 bottles of quality Merlot at approx 11.5% ABV. 

  • Ready in 4 weeks but improves with ageing

  • The popular Merlot grape produces an exceptional soft, low tannin wine. A smooth wine, rich in flavours of blackberry and blackcurrant. Includes premium oak

  • You’ll  need the following equipment:
    Food grade Plastic Fermenter of no less than 30 L (8 US gal) capacity
    23 L (6 US gal) plastic or glass carboy with bung and airlock
    Syphon tubing
    Test jar
    Large mixing spoon
    Winemaking cleaner/sanitizer for the equipment
    30 x 750ml wine bottles with corks or stoppers