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SG Wines Platinum Cabernet Sauvignon 30 Bottle Kit

was £36.99



SG Wines Platinum Cabernet Sauvignon

SG Wines Platinum is part of the range in the best selling series of 7 day wine kits.
Platinum takes SG Wines to the next level with no need to add any extra sugar without losing any of the quality from the original ranges. Each kit produces 30 bottles of great tasting wine.

SG Wines Platinum Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Making Kit makes a robust yet well-balanced red wine  with a fruit-forward taste profile and a smooth, rounded finish.

The softness of the Tannins lingers on the palate with aromas of red and black fruit. Is ready to drink in 7 days although if flavour is a priority we would recommend a prolonged period of storage.

A medium full bodied red wine.

Make this kit in 6 easy steps!
1. Clean and sanitise your equipment.
2. Mix your ingredients together.
3. Ferment for at least 5 days.
4. Clear the sediment from your wine.
5. Bottle.
6. Enjoy!
For full instructions, see inside your kit.

In addition to the kit, you will also require:
- Fermenter (30 L)
- Airlock & Grommet
- Carboy & Bored Bung / Secondary  Fermenter (minimum 6 gal / 23 L)
- Mixing Spoon
- Hydrometer
- Thermometer
- Syphon
- Cleaner & Steriliser
- 30 x 750 ml wine bottles
- 30 corks & corker / screw caps

This kit does not require any additional brewing sugar.