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Keg King Apollo 30L Snub Nose Pressure Fermenter (With FREE SPUNDY)



Keg King Apollo 30L Snub Nose Pressure Fermenter (With FREE SPUNDY worth £14.95)

Take your brewing to new heights with the Apollo 30L Snub Nose Fermenter.

Our radical new design features

  • Wider 115mm Lid
  • Dry Hop Port
  • Multi Pressure Option PRV Selection
  • Centralised Floating Dip Tube Alignment
  • Thermowell
  • Built in Handles
  • True Conical Shape
  • Clear High Strength P.E.T.

Apollo is ready to take your fermentations to a level of control higher than any other closed bottom P.E.T. pressure fermenter! 

Take command of your new fermentation vessel that will provide you with the ability to:

Ferment Under Pressure - Select the pressure setting you require from the x3 PRVs included

Dryhop Sanitarily - Use the Dry Hop Port in the lid

Carbonate in the Fermenter - Pressure Rated Operation up to 35psi and pressure tested tank up to 5 Bar

Monitor Internal Temps - Use the thermowell with your temp controller's probe to get accurate liquid temp readings

Serve Directly From The Tank - Hook up to your tap and use Apollo like a keg

Get Oxygen Free Keg Transfers - Move your fermentations to keg or packaging without introducing oxygen. 

Dimensions: 572mm to lid + 30mm to top of posts.

                     405mm wide

When it comes to running pressure processes in your brewery, you need pressure relief control that you can rely on to be accurate, responsive and sanitary.

Spundy is low profile, sitting just 4.5cm tall, to help brewers fit their pressure equipment in height limited fermentation chambers, fridges or cupboards.

When the Spundy compact spunding valve is attached to a gas post on your fermenter it will only adds 2.5cm to the height of the vessel

Spundy Compact Spunding Valve from Keg King is designed in Australia and provides brewers with performance and flexibility all in a neat little package that is ready to use right out of the box.

Spundy attaches to your cornelius style gas posts or carbonation caps just like a grey/gas disconnect would, so there is no need to buy another disconnect just to connect this spunding valve your equipment.

Spundy provides brewers with the ability to set the pressure control simply by turning the black valve tip clockwise to increase pressure or counter clockwise to release.

The built in pressure gauge lets brewers see exactly what pressure is being held to from 0 to 30psi (2bar). 

Spundy's pressure guage unscrews for easy cleaning but wait, there's more!

Spundy also provides brewers with the ability to replace the valve tip with any of our preset pressure PRVs (Pressure Relief Valves).

Replacing the valve tip with a PRV gives brewers the advantage of preselecting the pressure they want to hold before there is pressure present.

BLUE 10psi PRV


So, whether you're pressure fermenting, pressure transferring or kegging, choose Spundy to control the pressure however you want in your brewery.


Materials = Plastic and Stainless Steel


Height = 4.5cm

Width = 3cm

Width with gauge and valve stem = 7cm 

Weight = 50grams